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It renders medical services to more than 100 industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan;


The staff of qualified medical workers is more than 250 people;



Above 70 medical stations have been created in all regions of the country to date;


Kazanada provides services in the field of industrial medicine for companies engaged in the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing and construction of large industrial facilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.;

        Kazanada LLP was found in 2004 in Kyzylorda for the purpose of rendering the pre-hospital medical services. The main area of our activities is the medical support for the oil producing and mining sectors of Kazakhstan.

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Our services

Daily medical examination


Daily medical examination at the projects according to Clause 2, Art. 185  of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Order of the Minister of National Economy № 175 of 28.02.2015, the Order of Acting Minister of National Economy № 128 of 24.02.2015 is an obligatory pre-shift/pre-trip medical check-up of workers of professions involved in heavy work, work under harmful (particularly harmful) and (or) dangerous working conditions, as well as work  associated with the increased risk, machines and mechanisms (establishment or confirmation of the presence or absence of a disease in a physical body, determination of the level of health, as well as temporary disability, professional suitability to work in a given shift by a general examination, measurement of body temperature, blood pressure  and conduct of tests for alcohol, using modern alcohol detection devices).


Emergency medical care

Emergency medical care is a medical care, regardless of categories of health claims (traumas, diseases), timely emergency aid, effective response, resuscitation within the competence of a provided medical staff, stabilization of the state of a patient at a project, and, if necessary, further evacuation to specialized medical institutions.


Consultation is a round-the-clock reception of patients, issuance of recommendations, prescription of a medicinal treatment, and, if necessary, carrying out of medical procedures (intravenous dropping, intravenous jet, intramuscular and intradermal injections and dressings).

Outpatient and polyclinictreatment

Outpatient and polyclinic treatment – treatment of patients at projects throughout three days with subsequent recommendations.


Supply of drugs and consumables is procurement and delivery of certified drugs and consumables.


Ambulance –provision of a fully equipped ambulance for emergency response and delivery of care during an evacuation.


Evacuation – evacuation of a victim from a production area to the nearest medical institution for the further hospitalization and obligatory accompaniment by doctor or doctor’s assistant during the evacuation of patients.

On-site periodic health examinations

On-site periodic health examinations – organization of visits of all medical specialists with the equipment and conduct of the annual periodic health examination directly at the production site or at the shift complex.



Vaccination – organization and conduct of seasonal vaccinations for workers against virus of influenza, plague and tick-borne encephalitis.

Industrial hygiene

In accordance with Clause 6, Art. 144 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 18/09/2009 "On people's health and the health care system" - Inspection of the kitchen staff for the presence of purulent disease in accordance with the Order of the Minister of National Economy №234 of 19/09/2015;

Occupational hygiene:

a. Check of the sanitary and hygienic condition of places of residence, food dispensation and food intake points;

b. Check of products for compliance with their certificates;

c. Health education (discussions, bulletins, videos);

d. Taking samples of drinking water for bacterial, radiological and chemical analyzes;

e. Sanitary and hygienic trainings at industrial enterprises, lectures and seminars on the health protection;




Independent sanitary and medical auditing

Independent sanitary and medical auditing is the full check of the work of medical stations by a medical manager and issuance of recommendations on the elimination of deficiencies revealed.

Analysis of diseases at the production site

Analysis of diseases at the production site–conduct of the analysis of morbidity with temporary disability and development of measures to reduce morbidity.


Trainings – teaching and training in the first aid to a victim, using dummies and special training simulators.

Medical repatriation

Medical repatriation–organization medical and transportation services, transportation of patients (sick persons) of any degree of complexity by land or by air.


Kazanada offers a wide range of medical services to provide  high-quality and cost efficient medical care to employees working at industrial and remote projects of clients.


Our client may also be sure that medical services, rendered by Kazanada, fully comply with all standards of the Kazakhstani labor and medical legislation.





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